Three Rivers Tour – The Brown Danube

First days ride on Danube. It’s not blue it is brown!
Left Donau hotel late due to massive breakfast where Ma stole more jams etc. Hoped to leave at nine but huge thunderstorm left us sitting on couch in lobby for an hour. Left in drizzle and had fan ride along Donau and through small villages. Came to a full stop in one with a two thousand year old Roman temple ruin. You were allowed to walk all over and even hug the old columns. Wonderful and totally unexpected.

Arrived at Camp in beer garden and had beer! Why not.
Then it down poured again.


Maggie boldly crossing the Danube.

When it stopped Ma cooked spaghetti with tomato, tuna and olive sauce on one burner. Brilliant. Ma had  three helpings then raided sweety slot machine for fruitgums. Don’t worry about her not eating!
We are well ahead of schedule but will still push some long rides so we get more time in East Europe.


Maggie, the one burner cooking champion.


Lester on the Danube Gorge ferry.


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