Three Rivers Tour – Source of the Rhine!

We made it, and got the Qhub to the source of the Rhine. Rode 900 m uphill over 25km, the final dog legs just like Sani. Easier though as lower and all on tar.
Got hitched up with three riders with full gear including mountain climbing stuff, v heavy. One guy on a recumbant who really struggled up the pass. I got to the top without one push, Ma was magnificent and only did one walkie of 100m or so.
Had sleepless night about descending, Ma hates it, but we rolled down and only had to pedal 500m of the 25ks.
Now celebrating with wine and Mars bar!


Wooden bridge at the start of the climb.


Qhubeka Buffalo bicycle eyeing the prize.


Roadside nap before the last push.


Spot the Maggie.


At the summit! The only people going up.


Is this the first Buffalo in the snow?


Back at the village in Disentis.

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