Three Rivers Tour – Hungover in Hungary

Did not lose any blood last night but Dracula and his magic potion were gone in the morning. Strange thing was I had a headache. Cannot understand why?
Day started as one vest then deteriorated to one vest and SKY jacket. Rain was a pleasant accompaniment to cool us down. Had a great 45 k along dykes of the Danu. Got to our camp in Baja well ahead of time so went walking through old town and had second lunch of coffee and cake. Burp!
Lovely plek here. Brilliant choice of Camp means we are in a schoolkids hostel site. Looks like we are about 50 years older than the average camper. Also about 30 years older than the average teacher. Still think I could out cycle them all.
We are on an island. Stunning.
Rain stopped and came again as Ma cooked so I made a kitchen with a purloined table from the restaurant. Added luxury and second room to our orange dome.
As we eat dinner, our French friends arrive. Been missing for three days. Odd cos we have had a couple of easy days and they should be 50k up the road. Will find out tomorrow.
I forgot, yesterday’s super Panzio ( B&B/Guesthouse ) was R330 for the night. Camping in Switz cost more than that. Got another surprise for Ma tomorrow, I hope, short ride and another unusual Panzio. She doesn’t know yet. Tee hee!


Random panzio, on the list of places to return to.


The kitchen extension to protect Maggie from the rain.


Maggie riding away from the camp over the bridge.

Another super day in Hungary, damp start with two vest and SKY jacket. Very quiet roads on top of flood dykes the whole way, 40 km. No camping for a while so booked into Pegazus Panzio Horse Ranch for the night at  Mohacs. Tomorrow into Croatia and a longish ride again.
At about Six last night our French friends arrived which was a bit odd as they should have miles ahead as we had two short days. Will probably bounce into them the whole way.
Mohacs is a fab little town, very scenic and historic. Cycled from Ranch to town for dinner, 5k round trip, at a local pizzeria. Pizza gets 9.5 out of 10. So if you want a great meal I can give you directions. Large pizza, big bowl of seafood pasta and two 500ml beers = R 200 including tip!!! Must come back.
Pegazus Panzio is super clean and we got a two bedroom suite for R500 including breakfast. I love this country, Rands are still worth something.


“Pegazus Panzio Horse Ranch, our stable for tonight”


No idea what these are. Sadly uncaptioned.

IMG_20160628_204008 IMG_20160628_204133

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