Three Rivers Tour – England

Here are some pics from the Thames section of Three Rivers Tour, as well as a note from Colin on part of the trip.

Sorry about the lack of reports but we have been racing the weather with a great lack of the right gear for snow!
We got through London quite easily at first, Patsy even rode right past Harvey Nichols in Chelsea without going in.
Was slightly amazed by lack of traffic until we hit thousands and thousands of runners and spectators. Bloody runners cost us about two hours of going across London. Eventually had to take Woolwich ferry to get across Thames. Lekker campsite in middle of poor area. Very strange. Abbey Wood had five star showers and under floor heating. Wanted to move my bed in.

Left London in bright sunshine and went through Tilbury to finish our first River. Put sticker on bikes ala 9 Peaks. Stayed over in Maldon ( salt ) in empty camp. During this ride, 91km, we had three rain showers and three snow falls. V cold and wet. SKY jackets working well, just not for cold. M riding strong but very chirpy.

Put in another Stirling ride of 75 km to get to Harwich the next afternoon at four. Again more rain and snow. Got tickets for Holland the same night but ship leaves at 23h00. Spent a looooong time drinking a coffee in Costa’s coffee bar in warmth. I think us in SKY jackets spending no money looked weird.
Had dinner and wine in luxury on boat and slept on a soft mattress in our cabin for the night.

Early morning left the ship in rain and headed north. No map, no sim card so no Google maps, just used compass and memory to head north to Omas town of Wassenaar. Rode 45km through the coldest and wettest day by far. Vicious cold snowy head wind and me in shorts!
In den Hague got Sims and finally found our way to our camp in Wassenaar. It is Dutch version of Butlins Holiday Camp. We call it Dutlitz. Had bad dinner in restaurant but made better by Belgian Trappist Quadruple Ale, luxury!
Tomorrow follow the Rhine towards Bennekom and Tinekes house. Soft bed and warmth!!!!!


Colin and Maggie dropping off the rental van on day zero.


Departing Leicester with Colin’s brother, Noel Cooper.


Maggie negotiating an old railway tunnel.


Roadside deli lunch.


YSK jackets out for the cold English summer.


Adding some local feathers to Colin’s collection.


Woolwich ferry across the Thames.


Interrupted by the London Marathon! Near Tower Bridge.


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