Three Rivers Tour – Back down the hill

Humongous day in the Alps. Took a wrong turn and had to push an extra mountain pass. Very tired after yesterday’s peak ride.
We both battled but wonderful scenery wins in the end. Did 72 ks in 6 hours and that included a total descent of 600m!
On our way back via Chur, Buchs and Bregenz. Then to Ulm and start of the Danube. Looking forward to it, be glad to get out of monstrous Swiss prices.
We keep meeting lovely people. Tonight a school group of teachers and twelve year olds doing 80 km per day! Hope they sleep


Push, push, push. Leaving camp.

Ab fab day of riding. Cool with slight occasional drizzle and a tail wind. The best. Also downhill, not much, maybe 100 m over 55 km but also smooth tar on the Rhine banks.
Not much to photo as we did this piece on the way up. Had our lunch in Lichtenstein and second lunch ( cake ) in Switzerland. Also din dins in Switzerland then lunch tomorrow in Austria ( and sensible prices ).
Lunch the day after in Germany. So happy to be a wanderer. This tour is doing Ma wonders, she is a real Traveller now ( and has even been know to wear the same undies two days in a row. Top secret!!! )
Ma is very strong and leaves me standing on the long downs, me at max 26 kph and she at 35 kph. Sometimes 1 km in front. I still catch her on the uphills.

Met Aussie couple and going to same place tomorrow so prob camping together again. Fun people on their first bike expedition at 60 years.


Maggie outriding Colin up a hill.

One days ride to the start of the Danube. Yee ha!
Last couple of days has been tough with big hills and rainy weather.
Met some lovely feral cats at the last Camp. Will send pics TM.
We left Bregenz and were pushing up this massive hill when an Austrian man pulled his car over and explained that there is a much easier way around. So after an hour of pushing we rode back to Bregenz and started again. The other way was easier but also very undulating. Still we soldier on.
Rain is incessant but pleasant when we ride so no complaining.
Yesterday’s ride left us at an amazing, quiet campsite on a little lake and the sun came out for a couple of hours to dry our kit.
Then it rained all night but today’s ride was damp but cool. Good riding weather.
All our batteries are getting low so we will probably look for a hotel TM at the start of Donau in Ulm. Ma deserves a rest, been riding like a champ.


Much deserved rest!


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