The Triple Challenge

Hi all

We’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lately but we have been coming up with a scheme. Not much time for anyone to do a long trip this time of year (also, too bloody hot) so we have set ourselves three not-so-mini challenges over the next few months.

We are going to do the Van Gaalen’s 24 hour mountain bike race 26-27 November, followed by the Thaba Trails 24 hour mountain bike race 3-4 December [Edit: Thaba has been cancelled, we are coming up with an alternative adventure for that weekend]. Colin will be riding his prototype Qhubeka Buffalo bike and I will be aiming to be at least a little bit competitive by riding my Hunter Cycles Six50 (don’t frown; there’s prize money and I have cats to feed).

Why all the 24 hour endurance races, you ask? It is to help us prepare mentally for the final challenge in January 2017: Everesting by Buffalo.  Continue reading