Day 26: Mooi River to Midmar Dam

8 April

Start 08:30 End 12:30 Distance: 50km Avg: 17.4 km/hr

It rained most of the night. I wake up well rested and dry. Colin and Maggie in the other tent, not so much; apparently they have a leak. No signs of the weather breaking so it’s into our wet weather gear (not snorkels and flippers just yet, although if it continues we may have to make the change).

In addition to my assortment of other physical ailments, I have now caught a cold. Fortunately today is a short day, albeit through the frigid rain. I have made a mental list of people who are going to berate me for my decision to cycle with a probable viral infection and would like to pre-empt the following:

  1. Yes, I should know better.
  2. Yes, I am aware of the potential complications.
  3. Yes, I know what I would advise my patients.

So having got that argument out the way, we can continue with our story.


We ride along the Midlands Meander. How pleasant it is to be riding through the rain in the yellow serial killer jacket, with a cold, past all these lovely stores selling cheese, cured meats, Belgian waffles, hot beverages and not being able to partake in any of them. The Midlands Meander: highly recommended. Midlands Meander on a tight touring schedule: less recommended but still beautiful.

Grey skies on the Midlands Meander.

Grey skies on the Midlands Meander.

The road is narrow and wet but the tarmac is good. For a change, no vehicle passes too close. It seems everyone is meandering. Maybe we should change all the highway names in South Africa to “Something Meander” if this is the effect on driving. “The M1 Meander” – come for the commute, stay for the craft beer in Maboneng.

Mmmmm, craft beer. What I wouldn’t give for a pint of Pickled Pig right now?

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