94.7×7 Update – Day 4

Hi all,
Body is slowly getting back into shape and progress is easier.
Today was a 101 km ride into a headwind at 17.3 kph. The oncoming breeze was not even a concern to me, except that if Bianca was riding with me I would have made her go upfront with some excuse like, “It’s safer for you on this road” [Edit from Bianca: I have always known he was up to something]
As I have said before, every successful expedition/adventure needs a lot of support personnel. In short, I always take along;
a) A Camp Manager
b) Driver
c) Navigator
d) Chef
e) Washer upper
f) Nurse
g) Supplies Manager

I take all these, her name is Maggie.
Other pics are me getting my energy drink – Beerade.
Met Lisa and her husband, Celliers, from FEAT SA who are busy restoring a house in Parys. Great people who do a wonderful job in promoting adventure experiences and then increase pressure on the adventurer by making them talk about their trips in front of 1000 people at the Linder Auditorium, Scary stuff!!!
Celliers has shown me a google map of a tough 80km ride around the peaks of Parys. That’s where I’m going tomorrow. #Rain must fall. PLeeeeease.

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