Three Rivers Tour – Some more Alps and Ulm

Some more pics from the Alps.


On beach at Bodensee, Alps, with snow in background.


Lester on another ferry ride. About the 10th so far.


Wood pier at Bregenz, Austria. Alps now bigger in background.

Two long hard hilly days out of Bregenz but then a superb third day made up for the struggle. Long steady downhill into Ulm. Fabulous old city and we are holed up in the Donau hotel on the south bank of the Donau. Great suite for 80 Euro Inc bfast per day. Two nights hereĀ  give Ma a rest, ok, me too!

Fab Greek restaurant for our fourth meal of the day. Back to camp food tomorrow after emptying buffet breakfast in the morning.

Donau is at high level due to incessant rain but we should get through. Thank goodness we did not choose the Seine!

Ma got rid of SKY jacket and bought nice modern one. I also bought two waterproof bags for our sleeping bags and mattresses. Thin ones were breaking due to rust!

On the road, first day of second half, should go through 2500 km sometime tomorrow.


Monaco GP in the bar out of the rain.


“Lunch” and the annoyance of sim card swaps.


Qhubeka contemplating a swim, Menningen.


Trying to dry stuff out in the rare sun.


This cat took a liking to Colin’s Qhubeka shirt.


Herring roll. Nom nom nom.

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