Three Rivers Tour – Serbia to goodness knows where

Horror ride to begin with. Getting out of Belgrade was a nightmare with heavy traffic, too many pedestrians and a 2 km bridge over the Danube with only a tiny path for bikers. Too narrow to ride so we pushed. Then onto the top of a dyke for a quiet ride but only a donkey track and heavy long grass. Took four hours to do 36 ks.
Suddenly got better and last 30ks was a breeze on quiet good roads.
Arrived at our lodging in Kovin, The Palace Hotel, ha ha ha ha ha ha, can’t stop laughing at the name. We appear to be the only residents, hope we make it through the night! Binx, the shower gets a -1 and the toilet moves when you sit on it so a -2. [Ed: still need to post shower rating system]
Otherwise a Palace.
Still, better than no bed and only R300 a night. Breakfast should be interesting at R15 each.

Found twenty bars in town but none serving food. Got a pizza and spag bol at a take away. R120 the lot. See pic, it was enormous and good.

Russian influence still all around. Some shops still have only communist stock and no customers. Strangely one 100m long Street had four pharmacies. I think everyone is sick of the place.
I love it here. Could take photos all day.


Colin and a fellow cyclist.


The Palace wall.


Healthy amounts of pizza topping at bargain prices.


The front of, “The Palace”.

Glad to get out of hotel but enjoyed one Euro breakfast of Han ommelett and fresh baked bread.
Started off on good tar roads with some traffic, but respectfull. Ot to Danube river crossing and another ferry about an hour an a half before departure so had drinks and coffee in restaurant while waiting. Then a biker turned up then another and another. One Swiss lady on her own and two middle age french guys doing glamping on superbikes. I.e. Cannondale carbon road bike with a lefty fork.. Great to chat to on the ferry, Lester says yeaaaaa!, and all of us doing different expeditions. My single speed seems to be the conversation stopper.
Missed Markus Stitz but maybe we can meet in London?
Super duper ride after ferry into this place, can’t spell it or pronounce it. Fab campsite back in our orange globe. Met great Aussie next to us cycling Europe before getting a proper job as an architect in London. May also meet later. He wants a Qhubeka shirt asap.

Two longish rides coming up for our entry to Romania. Iron gate gorge awaits. Some hills and seventeen tunnels apparently. Sounds like fun.

I much prefer camping but refuse to go into a toilet block like this again. Not been cleaned since Stalin and Lenin died. Come to think of it, maybe they died in the shower block here and haven’t been moved yet.



Maggie chatting to fellow bicycle tourists on the ferry, multinationals.


Sunset at Silver Lakes campsite next to the river.


Maggie climbing hills.


Typical Serbian car.

Got up early and had a stonking ride. Mostly quiet back roads but undulating and a big hill near the end. Great riding. Sun was behind the mountains on our side of the river so hot day wasn’t a problem. Did 85 km and finished before three.
No campsites for a few days so at lekker Pension in Donji Milanovac. A new town, 1965, as the old one is 30 m below us in the river! The Danube was dammed here and water levels rose 30 m.
As we rode along the river it got wider and wider till it was 5km across. Then we hit the start of Iron Gate Gorge where it eventually narrows to less than 100m. Not there yet but it should be spectacular tomorrow. Even today the gorge is gorgeous. 134 km long.

Been crossing paths with an Aussie guy and a Swiss lady, both riding solo with no great plan.

Tomorrow we do 75km and end up in Rumania.

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