Three Rivers Tour – The Netherlands

Rain and snow has been horrendous. Everything is wet. But we have been having some fabulous rides in Holland. It must be the best cycling country in the world. Tremendous respect from drivers and pic two shows Ma on the Rhine dyk road. Two lanes for bikes and one for cars!!! If two cars meet head on and there are also cyclists in both directions then the rule is the cars stop and let bikes through, only then do the cars pass each other. Magic.
Also had ferry crossing over Rhine and then met up with a large group of fellow travellers on a one week trip. They were amazed that I use one gear.
Due to heavy head wind got to Gouda after the shops were shut, therefore no cheese. Boo Hoo!
Camped in farm yard.
Next day Ma rode a new record 93 km. Brilliant.
Arrived at Bennekom and stayed at Tinekes house in comfy bed and dried all our gear. Had a day off so went cycling at the Van Gogh Museum just up the road.

Last night’s dinner was cooked by Bruno, Hilda’s husband.
Raw salted herring.
Asparagus soup and French bread
Grilled asparagus with sauce and new potatoes
Baked Norwegian salmon and salad
Portuguese roast chicken with grilled veggies
Strawberries and yoghurt
Selection of five Dutch cheeses
Belgian Trappist Ale
Red wine

I did not dare eat the after eight mint!




Obligatory windmill pic.


Maggie, loving the safe cycle paths after the chaos of England.


Colin and Maggie with their Dutch host, Tineke through the national forest to the Van Gogh exhibit.


Mo version 2.0, now named Lester after Leicester City’s Premier League win!

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