Three Rivers Tour – Hungary

We are in Hungary as of yesterday. Yesterday to Gior and today another 90 k ride to Esztergom. Tomorrow, Budapest.
I have worked out that if you removed all the k, g and z letters from their alphabet they would have no words left
Cycle paths were a good and bad today as well as long stretches of main road with trucks wizzing past. A bit hectic. Tomorrow apparently back on cycle paths for 70 ks.
All going along Tickety boo. One vest day with a brief SKY jacket shower. Good tailwind though. Arrived at Camp in Eszterthinngummy at 14h00 and got tent allocation no. 1 for the day. Has filled up with bike travellers since, probably 15 of us now.
I love Hungary! Went to little shop and bought two beers ( 500ml ) and two bottles of wine for R60. Whoopee. Makes up for those criminals in Swiss.


Resting up at Hungarian cycle stop, complete with fresh water.


Defunct smelter, got chased off by security.



Walked to royal castle and looked at historical painting show of Hungary, very interesting. Had cake and coffee for lunch and great Hungarian meal for dinner whilst watching them beat Portugal! Uproar in the house. Fabulous when the home team wins.

Put new tyres on back of both bikes, greased ma’s wheel bearings, also new brake pads. Mine are fine cos I don’t use the front v brake. Also need to adjust her gears as they are crunchy. My gears are fine, ha ha!
Put grease all over apartment floor, oops.

Tomorrow a visit to history museum just down the road.

I love Budapest, everything looks broken but works. They are renovating but must have lack of funds as the work goes slowly. So many ops to photo old buildings. Could spend a year here.

Beyond Budepest

Left gorgeous Budapest early and route out was complicated. After 3 ks a Hungarian man on a bike told us to follow him, and he wizzed us through traffic and trams to our onward route. So many nice people around here.
Easy ride along mostly back roads. Very interesting building structures. Either they possess no plaster or no plasterers!
Communist hardship is all around but you can see they are working hard to progress. Some really beautiful houses mixed up with basic hovels.
In camp at Rackeve at Aqualand. Don’t ask!
Nice Camp mixed up with supertubes and spa etc. Day was very hot at 35 degrees so I jumped in pool. Pool was 36 degrees! Drank beers at four pool bars instead to cool down. Ma can sink a 500 ml beer as fast as me.
Hunkered down in orange dome as storm coming. One ear on football commentary and other ear on local Hung band playing pink Floyd covers. Should be a good night.
After three nights in bud we lost contact with fellow bikers but then at supermarket met again the French couple with their little kid in trailer. They must have blown their budget in bud as they are bush camping tonight.
Yesterday had fab tour of museum of fine arts. I thought I was going to suffer but they had three exhibits on, one of which was a bicycle history to modern times. Really really good.


Apparently kak.


Colin mending the gears on the Scott.

Another hot day in Hungary, 35 again. Luckily an easy flat ride of 55 km but with a head wind. Hot days and head winds are good, gives you a cooling effect.
Met a couple of Hungos on recumbant. Gave us some great route tips. They are off on camping trip to Iran next year, 4000 km.
We are camped on the Danube at Dunafoldvar, looks unpleasant but actually OK. Old showers get a 1 star but reasonably clean. Shopped at Spar and got good food and booze at great prices.
Hungary is fab in the country, still stuck between old Commie and new money. Old rundown houses all around but huge V8 speedboat shooting along the Danube with blond bikini girls on board. Huge gap between haves and have nots.
Young guys in hot hatchbacks also terrorising the riverfront. Not abusively though and slow down for bikers.
Short stage tomorrow and Ma is in luck, no campsites so we have to stay in a guest house.


Party house in Kolosca.

We are nicely nearly three weeks ahead of plan so are going to take our time. Now we are getting into the real East and have to plan ahead for camping/ accommodation etc. Did luxurious 45km today in 31 degrees, a bit better. Very flat and on country roads through little villages. Rather spooky as everyone appears to be dead. Not a soul about. Not a big car owning people, so I suppose Sunday is for kerk and Sunday naps.
Luxury for cyclists though.
We camped in a potentially great Camp at Dunafoldvar on the banks of the Donau. Beautiful but run down and showers!!!!!! Agggh! -1
Took Lester on a lovely ferry ride and met a funny English speaking ticket collector. Insisted it was not Goodbye, but, See You Soon!
Cruised into target town of Kalosca. At T junction Ma said What a horrible house. It was our digs for the night. Actually super inside and the best Hostess in the world. Gave us a nice little room and sole use of the kitchen. Ma got supplied with hairdryer and iron. Her name is Edina and should get the best reviews on internet.
Just watched Germany win and now Hungary play. Could be a noisy night in the bar.
I met my new Best Friend Forever. He was making Hungarian potjie in the bar so I took pics and asked him about it. Wrong decision Mr C. His name was Dracula and he lived in Transylvania. Sorry, name was Viktor and he lived in Transylvania. Did his best to turn our journey around to meet him when he gets back next week. Would not take no for an answer so I had to knock back three shots of Transylvanian mampoer to be friendly. It came in a plastic coke bottle. Hmmmm! Might go to bed early tonight.
Eventually escaped back to room and Ma made the best spag bol. Then I drank a Leffe. Oops. IMG_20160626_194140

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