Three Rivers Tour – Donau & Austria

We are nicely camped on the banks of the Donau in Passau. Gorgeous old city but FULL of tourists. Went for a walk in the old town but had to get out to quiet campsite. Much better.

Day started cloudy but the sun put his hat on and by midday it was one vest day at long last. The Donau is at very high level and the cycle path was slightly under water in places. Great day and Ma riding strong. Told her we were going to do 80 something but she was going well so I skipped a campsite and rode on to the next one 20ks later. We finished on 99.85 km. Ma not happy so got back on bike and rode another 150 m for her first ever century. Yee ha!


Beer bridge.


Just short of 100km!


Maggie doing laps in the parking lot to reach the century mark.

Back on line in aus. Went to cell shop for two Sims and nice young man sold me one for data and ma’s for SMS. I asked if we need to do anything, he said no, just phone each supplier and activate card.
Tried to activate mine by website and it said my serial number was invalid. Tried Ma’s and there were six phone numbers on the pack but described in German. No can read. Therefore both not on line.
Trudged back to shop 2km in belting rain. Another nice young man helped and told me the data card activates itself as soon as you put it in the tablet. It gets confused if you then try to activate it.
Ma’s sim had to be activated but the six numbers on the pack were not the ones to use. You had to know another one. Guess!!!! Aaargh!
Anyway done now.
Have had three fab days of riding in the sun with wind behind. I apologise to the Swiss, they do have a good system of cycle path signs and I have now learnt it. No more mistakes and bum turns. They do have a great sense of humour though. In Holland , France and Germany the paths are mostly flattish ( a bit boring though ), but when you get to a small Swiss village, instead of sending you through town on their narrow roads they shoot you off into the mountain side as a test of one gear riding. I loved it and am feeling invincible. Bring on the Alps.
We see them now, with snow on top. Wow!
Like the Drakensberg, but bigger and whiter.
We leave Bregenz in Austria for Switzerland tomorrow morning. Forecast more rain but clearing up on weds.
Excellent little hotel here and the owner often goes to Queenstown, ECape. Nice story here but too long for email. Will tell later.
Ma going well and has enjoyed losing weight and firming up. Still has the cheeky habit of passing me every now and then.

Should be in Buchs tomorrow. Will then need Swiss Sims. Oh dear!


Lunch at pillbox (machine guns) from Maginot line First World War.


Cycle path under highway. Where are the hobbits?


Wood bridge, very old, over the Rhine.


Beer at “Ellis Park” (Eli’s Park).

We popped back into Austria for a few days. It’s so easy!
Day started cloudy and cool but the sun put his hat on many times. At about 1km in central Passau Ma had a small altercation with some tour buses and their drivers. They were parked across the cycle path and we had to do a U turn around the lead coach. I just went for it and clipped the stupid driver on the shins with my left pannier. Ma followed and had a little panic and slowed down. Fatal mistake, no inertia, fell over gently and was helped up by the driver. He accidentally pushed ma’s gear lever onto the big chain ring at front. She did not notice for 25 km and wondered why the pedalling was so hard!!!!!!
Anyway it was a glorious 90 km today along a fab cycle path through a long gorge of the Danube. Super little villages to ride through too.
We keep bumping into people we have met along the route. Everyone has their own schedule but we meet every now and then.
Lester had the benefit of three ferry rides today. He, we, love them, even if the very does not look like it will survive the trip.
We are camped on the lawn of a guest house just outside Linz. Started drizzling again so we had massive German schznizel and chips with half litre of beer each in their restaurant. Austria a touch more expensive than Germany but still only R380 for all. Not bad. Watched Wales beat Slovenia on TV.
Had to grease the Scott’s front wheel bearings as never ending rain had cleaned them out. My rear tyre is shot. Put it on the front wheel for now. Probably have to replace it in 500 ks or so. Hopefully Hungary where it will be cheaper. Budget overall is looking very very good, we are way under estimates which means blowing some cash in Vienna in midweek.
Two very nice yanks, father and son, had a long chat and could not believe we were keeping up with them on single speed. They came and checked my bike to make sure. They had no load either as they were hotelling.


Crane spotted from 1 km away at a museum. It is a Ruston Bucyrus RB22. Colin designed some small parts of it in his first job as an Engineer!


The morning woke us with a lekker rain shower just enough to wet everything before we pack. Not cold though, so SKY jacket and one vest. Few more rain showers then the sun came out for a blissful second half of the day. At around 50kms we went though 3000 km mark. Super duper. Ma has done exceedingly well and we should be in Vienna on Wednesday for a hotel and a bit of museuming. We need a break as that will another first for Ma, riding 11 days without a day off.
Got overtaken by a flying naartjie segment. Actually a three wheel recumbant with super slim orange carbon fibre body. Man those things go fast!!!! Must try one.
Camped in five star site in Grein, on the river. Aussie ladies are back with us as well as a Rasta couple who we have not seen for five days. Like seeing old friends.
Ma’s front wheel bearing giving shit, had to re-adjust again tonight. Might buy a new wheel just in case.
All food shops are closed on Sundays in Austria and Germany so we have to plan better and carry two days victuals. The big problem is remembering what day is what!

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