Three Rivers Tour – Croatia

Arrived in country number ??? Croatia. I thought Hungary had an excess of have nots, here it is worse with hovels and middle class living alongside one another. Unusual to say the least.
Great smooth tar ride of 65 km in fairly hot sun. A magic day. Checked by cops with big guns at border but they saw there were no refugees in ma’s bags so we got through OK.
Finished up in another Panzio called Lutra Rooms. Ab fab. Lady owner gave us excellent Klean room and made us koffee, home made Kake, and lent us her three new Kittens. What a lovely way to end a ride.
Then walked into town for provisions and stopped for beer lunch at bar on way home.
Tough ride this.


“Chris” the farmer, who gave Colin and Maggie some free plums.


Coffee, cake and kitties.


Luxury accommodation.


Water tower destroyed by rockets, now a monument.


Bullet holes in the walls of the local businesses.

Nice easy 53km ride mostly on quiet roads to Vukovar and camp at panzio Vila Vanda.
Luxury again for three nights in a row! Camping again tomorrow.
Vukovar was destroyed in Serb/Croat war and loads of signs of it still around. Bullet and rocket holes everywhere. Some preserved as war memorials. See pics.
Haven’t seen much of the Danube as there is no dyke to ride on. More roads tomorrow but very interesting to see all the villages and farms etc. Some renovation going on but seems people only spend what they have and rebuild as money comes in. Many, many half done Reno jobs. Loads of old cars here too, not seen in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Holland.


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