Three Rivers Tour – Alps and Lichtenstein

We are nicely camped at Buchs. Only three days from our summit and the start of the Rhine.
Day started cold and wet but we demolished the buffet breakfast at Gastehouse Lamm and stole a bit for lunch.
The day got better and better with rain easing and finally stopping. Then got quite warm in 3 layers and SKY jacket. Super smooth cycle paths and only got lost once in Switzerland. A record.
After about 30 ks the Rhine suddenly started to shrink as less side rivers filled it. Now it is just a big river with a few sand bars and much shallower. No longer navigable by boats.
The Alps are looming on all sides but we progress up the valley, now about 600 m above sea level. Tomorrow promises good weather and not too steep ride. The final two days are going to be testing for the Qhubeka and for Ma. She does not like the look of the inclines and is thinking of moving on to the small chainring.
Meeting lots of fab people. Today one guy who lived in Namibia for a year and another who’s son and girlfriend had just ridden to Singapore.
Got to get out of Switzerland asap. We have been running at about Six to seven hundred Rand per day. Switzerland is costing Over a thousand. Two beers and two bots wine in supermarket was 400 Rand.
Off to Chur tomorrow, about 50/60 ks again. Ma clocking these distances off without a chirp. Getting superfit.
By the way, today was the first day of riding for me where I have not had to face any excruciating pain in my right knee. Been riding on aspirin to date. I think it was caused by sitting long periods cross legged in mini tent. What do you think Doc? [Taking Disprin at your age for pain is a terrible idea: Dr Binx]
Anyway we soldier on and will be at the top soon. Still not seen one person doing the Rhine uphill.


Does my bum look big in this?


View from the Buchs campsite.


Maggie taking the lead.


Litter in Switzerland, damn Red Bull drinkers.


Luverly weather but a monstrous day on the Qhubeka.
70km and up up up to Disentis, a short hop to the top.
We hit 2000 km , Ma was elated as she should be, riding like a champion. Had to use her granny gears over a huge scary pass and met an Italian couple walking with two pack donkeys. They were impressed with our ride but then I asked them where they came from, Venice. Where were they going? Sweden!!!! Could have done with a donkey up the hills.
Still, must gain strength for tomorrow as we need to ride and push 30 km up nearly 1000m. Phew.

IMG_20160526_195838 IMG_20160526_195920


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