Three Rivers Tour – Almost Vienna

Rain again in the morning but got brighter. Fabulous tail wind all day and motored along at a good pace. Did 82 ks.
Lester got a good ferry ride today, just Ma, Me, Lester the Qhub and Scott on a ship all to ourselves. Lester loves ships in the hope of meeting the sheep’s captain or one of the sheep’s crew. Ha ha, a baaaaad joke.
Brilliant cycle paths along the Danube in a gorge all the day. Loads of cute Austrian villages too. Ate sandwich lunch at 11 and then stopped at a cafe for lunch number two, cake and coffee, life’s a drag.
Camped in the world’s best campsite near Krems. Number one showers and fabulous views of old castle ruins and old abbey.
Camp receptionist told me a supermarket was 1 k away! The stupid b@#ch forgot to tell me it was closed until 17h00! [That’s not nice, did you ask? – Dr Binx]
Still, eventually got supplies and Ma made superb one burner chicken and veg curry. People stare at us all the time in camp. I think they see all our equipment and brill meals and think, how do they do that on two bikes????
Two sleeps till Vienna and a couple of r and r days.


Alone in the campsite but not lonely.


Sun arrived at dawn so we finally left Camp with dry kit!
Super tail wind again and flat smooth tar cycle paths. Stopped for lunch1 at 60 ks and rain came down. OK though as it did not last and soon back to one vest.
We are nicely camped in another super Camp just outside Vienna. Just a 15 k ride in the morning to a hotel booked blind on the internet. Hope it’s all right. Close to city centre though and walking distance to all museums and galleries. They do have parking for bikes.
Canadians at Camp recognised Qhubeka shirt as they follow bike racing. Had a long chat. They are over here with a 10 and 8 year old riding tandem behind Ma and Pa.


Alone on the ferry.


View from the campsite in Rossatz.


Daily beer.

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