The Triple Challenge

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We’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lately but we have been coming up with a scheme. Not much time for anyone to do a long trip this time of year (also, too bloody hot) so we have set ourselves three not-so-mini challenges over the next few months.

We are going to do the Van Gaalen’s 24 hour mountain bike race 26-27 November, followed by the Thaba Trails 24 hour mountain bike race 3-4 December [Edit: Thaba has been cancelled, we are coming up with an alternative adventure for that weekend]. Colin will be riding his prototype Qhubeka Buffalo bike and I will be aiming to be at least a little bit competitive by riding my Hunter Cycles Six50 (don’t frown; there’s prize money and I have cats to feed).

Why all the 24 hour endurance races, you ask? It is to help us prepare mentally for the final challenge in January 2017: Everesting by Buffalo. 

The concept of “Everesting” is an international unofficial challenge which began in 1995 in Australia. The idea is to complete an ascent of the same height as Mount Everest on a bicycle, a total of 8848m. This is done by doing repeats of the same climb. Some basic rules apply, such as the attempt must be made in one sitting (no sleeping although breaks for meals are acceptable) and you must ride both up and down the hill. We will be making our attempt on Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle up De Beers Pass in KwaZulu-Natal. Approximately 36 laps will be needed amounting to 260km of cycling. Currently, 1374 successful attempts are recorded on the internet “keepers of the records” To date, no one has attempted to Everest on a Buffalo bike, a 24kg fully rigid steel singlespeed bicycle. There is a good reason for this: most Everesting attempts take 20 hours on a geared roadbike. Physically and mentally, this will be our toughest challenge to date even though it will take place over a weekend rather than several weeks.

The idea, as always, is to raised funds for Qhubeka to help put children on bicycles and thereby support their education. To this end, ER Consulting has generously once again offered a R10000 donation should we be successful (thank you!) and I will be setting up the Givengain page prior to the first event.

Looking forward to having you follow us in this journey. Anyone keen on being windbreaks for the Everesting trip please give me a shout.


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