The Final Days

Day 46: Oudtshoorn to Victoria Bay

28 April

Start 09:00 End 12:30 Distance: 55km Average: 17.5km/hr

Day 47: Victoria Bay

29 April

Start 09:00 End 12:10 Distance: 45km Average: 16.2km/hr

Day 49 onwards: Colin’s solo Qhubeka Journey

The last few days riding have been difficult because I don’t have my favourite riding partner with me. Also, I now have to do all the work into a headwind!

On road to Botrivier, solo.

On road to Botrivier, solo.

Beit Bridge is a cacophony of noise, bad driving and massively overloaded taxes and bakkies towing trailers to Zimbabwe. Traffic cops just stopping the speedsters and ignoring the real problem.

Us cyclists are just traffic food.

Back to the beginning (the end?)

Back to the beginning (the end?)

Still we soldier on and the last 270kays is done in a leisurely four days back to our start point in Haenertsburg, Limpopo.

Colin finds the worst road in Limpop

Colin finds the worst road in Limpop

The 9 Peaks journey of biking and hiking has taken 47 days.

The complete traverse of SA by Qhubeka bike has taken 62 days (including all the climbing).


Colin #InWaterWithQhubeka


Like the Americans do, we are claiming several World Records!

1) The first 9 Peaks by bike and hike

2) the first 9 Peaks by single speed bike

3) The first 9 Peaks by Qhubeka bike

4) The first Beit bridge to Cape Town via Cape Algulhus by Qhubeka bike

All of our riding and climbing was also done without any use of energy drinks/bars/gels. No choc, sweets or biscuits. No coke or soft drinks.

All our riding and hiking was energised with cheese and peanut sandwiches. All our drinks were water with a dash of sugar and lemon juice. At no stage, unsurprisingly to us, did we run out of energy, even at seven to twelve hour days.

We challenge all other potential expeditionaries to beat our “World Records” (tongue in cheek ).

We would love to assist or advise others in doing this thing and getting back to basics.

Colin and Maggie at Cape Agulhas.

Colin and Maggie at Cape Agulhas.

Many, many thanks to our superb back-up driver, Maggie and our website designer and updater, Lene Barrett of Graphics Reloaded.

Bianca and I are already planning our next micro-adventure. Watch this space.


Not The End


Hugs and love to all our supporters,

Colin and Bianca

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