The Black Sea Ferry

Maggie adding her final celebratory sticker

Maggie adding her final celebratory sticker

Very strangely we made it to the Danube Delta and back! Romanian booking systems work in mysterious ways.
We paid, without a receipt for the trip out, 73 km by speedboat and thought we had booked return journey. Not so. As we got on pocket rocket, Victor asked if we wanted to come back? Odd? Still he arranged that we pay first but meet Marion on the Sulina Dock who would be our organiser for the return journey, so we paid.

Ayrton Senna was driving the boat and we did an enormous speed all the way to Sulina in 90 minutes, on 90% throttle the whole way. Most exciting.
Got off the boat and Marion was there. A surprise. He told us to go 500 m down the dock at 15h00 and Marcus would load us on his boat. The code word was Bubu.  Yeah right.

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Anyway we had a great day at the Danube Delta swimming in the  Black Sea. Walked back to Sulina, had lunch and celebratory Ursus Black Beer. Then headed to our required dock.

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Surprise number one, we got loaded onto another pocket rocket. Surprise number two, James Statham was driving. No 90% for this guy, he was going for a qualification lap at the Danube Grand Prix. After a super fast and thrilling ride we actually got back to our Pension in one piece. Somehow we paid different people from different organisations but it all worked. Typical Romania.

Postscript:  We are suffering from post expedition blues. Binx, you know what it is like! Booked a train to Bucharest tomorrow, I think, and spent rest of day disassembling bikes and mooching around. Took a long time for beer o clock to come round! Had good din dins just down the dock and drank some Ursus Black Beer. Really good Romanian beer. Been drinking it for two weeks and just looked at label, Ursus brewery is owned by SAB! Shame they don’t make beer this good in S A.

Booking trains not so easy here but we hope to get overnight express to Prague from Bucharest. Train from Tulcea leaves from platform one, which is just as well as it is the only one.

Will let you know itinerary once we get back to Euro civilisation. Travelling here in the sticks is awkward but nowhere as difficult as in SA.

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