Day 17: Namahadi Peak

30 March

Start 06:30 End 16:10 Peak: Namahadi (Free State Province)3275m

True to our word, we are up at 4am. It’s still black outside. None of us slept well. Colin due to uncertainty of the route, and me due to what I discover is a massive bruise on my arse, no doubt a result of the saddle slamming into me during my escapades of yesterday. As soon as the grey starts to show, we drive to the Sentinel Peak car park (see, method in our madness for having schlepped up there yesterday – we don’t have to cycle up there today.) We are the second people to sign in. I contemplate what a lonely job the gate marshal must have at times. A flurry of people in the morning then often nothing to do but wait until they start trickling back. It puts me in mind of old myths where ancient gatekeepers on mountains ask travelers riddles to allow them to ascend the narrow paths. He doesn’t ask us anything more complicated than when we expect to return fortunately. Continue reading