Day 30: Kwaduma Peak

12 April

Start 07:30 End 18:00 Peak: Kwaduma (Eastern Cape) 3019m

We intend to start our climb of Kwaduma at first light. Unfortunately, we take a wrong turn on the way to the start and the sun has already been up about an hour by the time we start. We have been up almost 4. Unlike the other two peaks in the Berg, Kwaduma isn’t in a reserve. No fees, no registration with mountain rescue, no track maintenance. It’s an approximately 12 hour round trip though the wilderness between SA and Lesotho. The land in between is open space, utilised by the local people to raise cattle, goats and sheep. The start is a grassy plain next to the roadside from the village of Tabase.

The start of the hike to Kwaduma.

The start of the hike to Kwaduma.

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