Some Facts from 9 Peaks Tour

A few numbers and interesting facts from 9 Peaks Tour

Distance cycled: 2823km

Distance cycled by Colin including the North-South trip: 3093km

Average distance cycled: 78km/day

Longest distance: 125km

Total elevation gained hiking: 9072m (higher than Everest!)

Most days cycled consecutively: 12

Tallest pass cycled: Steenkampsberg Pass (2331m) Also the 7th tallest road pass in South Africa. I use the term “cycled” loosely.

Monty Python quotes per day: at least 5

Worst puncture day: 4

Longest hike: Mafadi (2 days)

Most swearing: Mafadi

Most falls: the downward hike of Seweweekspoort

Clothing thrown away by Bianca: 1 pair of hiking boots, 2 pairs of baggy shorts, 1 pair of hiking trousers, 1 pair of shoelaces, an entire cycling kit (mysteriously vanished after Die Berg)

Kilograms of sugar drunk: over 5kg

High fives: 9 (at the summit of each peak)

Money raised for Qhuebeka: Givengain R18450 ER Consulting Inc R37724. Total = R56174 (enough for 25 bicycles!)

Gratitude to our supporters: Infinite



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