Further through Romania

Brill ride of 72 k to Oltenita, an industrial town and Danube port. Very little choice on accom so I chose motel Alexander. Took a while to find as it is upstairs in a tyre fitment centre. We rode in and out three times before deciding it was a place to stay. Inside it is new and we have a spotless Holiday Inn type room with WiFi, fridge and sat TV. Watched TdF.


Living it up, at the Hotel Alexander.

Living it up, at the Motel Alexander.

Left last night’s motel early to avoid breakfast. Got out before the staff could stop us and force feed French breakfast!
3 ks of heavy traffic then onto mostly smooth quiet country road. Big tailwind and lots of easy hills. No walkies. Finished early, before 13h00, but no restaurants around. Foraged for food by walking 3 km back to town and supermarket. Beer not a problem, beer is everywhere in Romania. Bars are in the front stoeps of every fifth house and Romanian men start the day with beer at 09h00 onwards. The women dig the fields.

So many cat pics...

So many cat pics…

Weather behaving itself at 29 degrees and small crosswind. Perfect ride of 83k mainly along quiet country roads. Just the last few kays were hectic into and through Calarasi to its port on the river. Opposite bank to Silistra, Bulgaria.

View across the river to Bulgaria

View across the river to Bulgaria

Lester is happy as he spied the ferry we take tomorrow!
All going well but not exciting as we continue through the flatlands of wheat and sunflower fields. The main interest is the villages, the crumbling houses, the mansions and the failed Commie factories.
Stopped for cheese sandwich lunch at the 58 km mark, to celebrate completing 5000 km. Yee haa!

Our hotel is on the river and I write this from our balcony. Just had dinner at the riverside restaurant and was waited on by a young guy who has spent some time near Sheffield. Here he is paid R1000 per week which is about a third of the pay he got in UK. Living is obviously cheaper here though.
Good dinner and had space for desert so “I ate the fucking donuts”. Ma had creme brulee and scoffed the lot [Not sure why this is relevant – Binx].

So much pudding...

So much pudding…

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