Day 25: Injisuthi to Mooi River

7 April

Start 10:00 End 14:30 Distance: 60km Avg: 14.5 km/hr

Miserable weather this morning. We have to repack the car and wait for a break in the mist before setting off. It is a bit of a test day as neither of us is well and both still tired from Mafadi. We tootle along at a sedate pace. My only challenge for the day is to try cycle up any hill as far as possible before succumbing to the need to walk, as my blistered feet are not happy with being crammed into shoes. I have also strained my left quad and calf. I tell myself some easy spinning will loosen everything up. It does but there are more walking hills than I would have liked today, one of which is about 2km long leading out of Estcourt. Estcourt is a town of odours; it’s an odd combination of factory smoke, abattoir and at one point, intense cheap ice-cream smell. We don’t stop at the Escourt factory shop, much to Maggie’s dismay, who has fond memories of pork pies which they probably no longer manufacture.

Colin pausing on the roadside.

Colin pausing on the roadside.

After we have climbed this last hill, there’s nothing more strenuous to our stop in Mooi River. We even catch a pleasant tail wind for part of the last 20km. I test out my new front brake on some of the descents. It retards rather than stops but it’s comforting having a plan B. On the way, we pass Frank’s Tack Shop, a cheese shop and the Nottingham Road Brewery, none of which Colin will let me stop at. I am somewhat grumpy when we arrive at our soggy campsite for the evening.

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