The Black Sea Ferry

Maggie adding her final celebratory sticker

Maggie adding her final celebratory sticker

Very strangely we made it to the Danube Delta and back! Romanian booking systems work in mysterious ways.
We paid, without a receipt for the trip out, 73 km by speedboat and thought we had booked return journey. Not so. As we got on pocket rocket, Victor asked if we wanted to come back? Odd? Still he arranged that we pay first but meet Marion on the Sulina Dock who would be our organiser for the return journey, so we paid. Continue reading

The Black Sea (and journey’s end)!

We made the Ocean at the end of the Lane! 5174 km to the Black Sea.
Today was a tough 91 km over rolling hills, seemingly endless but not a push or walkie in sight.

Here, a picture of Maggie pushing

Here, a picture of Maggie pushing

Yesterday we were at an odd but OK Pension and got dinner there too. Deep fried, skinny chicken and chips with huge tom and cucumber salad and loaf of bread. Not the greatest but very filling and saved us foraging in an empty town. Continue reading

Further through Romania

Brill ride of 72 k to Oltenita, an industrial town and Danube port. Very little choice on accom so I chose motel Alexander. Took a while to find as it is upstairs in a tyre fitment centre. We rode in and out three times before deciding it was a place to stay. Inside it is new and we have a spotless Holiday Inn type room with WiFi, fridge and sat TV. Watched TdF.

img_20160718_203611 Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Romania

Did lekker 75km into Rumania, Drobeta-Turnu Severin along the iron gate gorge. Super duper scenery sometimes high up on the ridge. Lots of small climbs and one really big one for a loaded Qhub. Also back to 36 degrees so v.sweaty as well.
Ma coped brilliantly and in the last three days we have gained a day! Excellent.
In last night’s Pension we met our next room neighbour who was A large Canadian who retired at 42 and has been sailing and roaming the world since. Been to 61 countries. A bit full of himself but interesting. He talked about his travels and then said ” I am not a racist but” . I shrank away expecting the normal tirade, but he said , ” The one nation I hate is the French”. So funny, especially as he was of French Canadian extraction.

Eventually got to get my target of sleeping in an ex-commie, Russian style hotel. High ceilings, huge doors and narrow corridors. A Red behind every cupboard. Still looking for the hidden microphones. Very acceptable though and R400 for us for the night. Food in restaurant also OK but not getting us back. Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Serbia to goodness knows where

Horror ride to begin with. Getting out of Belgrade was a nightmare with heavy traffic, too many pedestrians and a 2 km bridge over the Danube with only a tiny path for bikers. Too narrow to ride so we pushed. Then onto the top of a dyke for a quiet ride but only a donkey track and heavy long grass. Took four hours to do 36 ks.
Suddenly got better and last 30ks was a breeze on quiet good roads.
Arrived at our lodging in Kovin, The Palace Hotel, ha ha ha ha ha ha, can’t stop laughing at the name. We appear to be the only residents, hope we make it through the night! Binx, the shower gets a -1 and the toilet moves when you sit on it so a -2. [Ed: still need to post shower rating system] Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Serbia


Colin and Maggie looking out from castle in Croatia to the camp in Backa Palanka, Serbia

Here we are in Serbia, yet another country on our trip. Running out of Europe!
Had lovely ride, all on roads today, but fairly quiet. Even four hills which needed one walkie. Tell the truth, I think I could have ridden it, but it was hot and we have loads of time.
Ma took a 3 km detour and I had to ride my butt off to catch her and put us back on track. Long story for another day!!!! Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Croatia

Arrived in country number ??? Croatia. I thought Hungary had an excess of have nots, here it is worse with hovels and middle class living alongside one another. Unusual to say the least.
Great smooth tar ride of 65 km in fairly hot sun. A magic day. Checked by cops with big guns at border but they saw there were no refugees in ma’s bags so we got through OK.
Finished up in another Panzio called Lutra Rooms. Ab fab. Lady owner gave us excellent Klean room and made us koffee, home made Kake, and lent us her three new Kittens. What a lovely way to end a ride.
Then walked into town for provisions and stopped for beer lunch at bar on way home.
Tough ride this. Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Hungover in Hungary

Did not lose any blood last night but Dracula and his magic potion were gone in the morning. Strange thing was I had a headache. Cannot understand why?
Day started as one vest then deteriorated to one vest and SKY jacket. Rain was a pleasant accompaniment to cool us down. Had a great 45 k along dykes of the Danu. Got to our camp in Baja well ahead of time so went walking through old town and had second lunch of coffee and cake. Burp!
Lovely plek here. Brilliant choice of Camp means we are in a schoolkids hostel site. Looks like we are about 50 years older than the average camper. Also about 30 years older than the average teacher. Still think I could out cycle them all. Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Hungary

We are in Hungary as of yesterday. Yesterday to Gior and today another 90 k ride to Esztergom. Tomorrow, Budapest.
I have worked out that if you removed all the k, g and z letters from their alphabet they would have no words left
Cycle paths were a good and bad today as well as long stretches of main road with trucks wizzing past. A bit hectic. Tomorrow apparently back on cycle paths for 70 ks.
All going along Tickety boo. One vest day with a brief SKY jacket shower. Good tailwind though. Arrived at Camp in Eszterthinngummy at 14h00 and got tent allocation no. 1 for the day. Has filled up with bike travellers since, probably 15 of us now.
I love Hungary! Went to little shop and bought two beers ( 500ml ) and two bottles of wine for R60. Whoopee. Continue reading

Three Rivers Tour – Vienna and Slovakia


You might have guessed, after a lovely evening the Rain came last night and went on till we left the camp at 12h00 for our leisurely ride into Vienna. Arrived at hotel in the dry and it is a Four Star only 1.2km from museum and art centre of town. Got a bargain at Euro 70 per night. Ma needs a rest, me too, after 11 days non stop riding, so I booked for three nights, therefore we get two whole days of tourist stuff. Had great meal in Italian restaurant just down the road. Four star room now looks like a Cooper one with tents and washing drying all over the place. Breakfast here is 18 Euro each so we have shopped and are going to have a continental breakfast with our camping gear in the room. By the time we leave the room will be two star! Continue reading