94.7×7 – The final day

Hi All
947 x 7 on Beer and Bread is complete!
First the bad point. I did not make all seven days and finished with 947 x 6.
 On the Tuesday I felt very low and thought seriously about whether I had taken a step too far in the Back To Basics. Wednesday and Thursday got my mind and body on track. Friday was a fabulous Qhubeka ride and Saturday was an awful day with 95km done at 16kph into a huge headwind all day.
Sunday, race day, Bianca and I had camped at the Riversands start venue and had a great evening in the Craft Beer Bar before taking an early night. We rose early, 04h00, due to the PA system being tested. No problem, an early coffee and breakfast of dragon toast and egg. Fine food for racing. Bianca’s start on her restored Zini was at 07h30 so she left me to stew in camp for another two hours for my start.

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94.7×7 Update – Day 4

Hi all,
Body is slowly getting back into shape and progress is easier.
Today was a 101 km ride into a headwind at 17.3 kph. The oncoming breeze was not even a concern to me, except that if Bianca was riding with me I would have made her go upfront with some excuse like, “It’s safer for you on this road” [Edit from Bianca: I have always known he was up to something]
As I have said before, every successful expedition/adventure needs a lot of support personnel. In short, I always take along;
a) A Camp Manager
b) Driver
c) Navigator
d) Chef
e) Washer upper
f) Nurse
g) Supplies Manager

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94.7×7 Update – Day 3

Hi All

Day three was muuurch better.
Took it steady and did 97 km to Rietspruit dam near Ventersdorp.
Left early at 05h30 and was done by 11h30. 18.3 kph v 14.3 on Monday.
Tomorrow leave for Parys, about 100km.
Another thought on mondays ride;
Never in human adversity has so much damage been done, by so many corrugations, to so few Arses.
Speak tomorrow