BBB Tour: some numbers

A few statistics from BBB Tour, for those of you who like numbers. This is the first trip I’ve actually tracked properly, given that it wasn’t a complete “back to basics” adventure. 

Total distance cycled: 1615km

Average distance per day: 70.2 km

Total ascent: 10501m

Average speed: 17.6 km/hr

Maximum speed: 52 km/hr, Stellenbosch to Cape Town

Longest day: Edenvale to Sasolburg, 110 km

Fastest day: Stellenbosch to Cape Town, 20.1 km/hr

Hilliest day: Hermanus to Stellenbosch, 13.9 m/1 km

Total energy burnt: 194658 kJ

Average energy per day: 3.9 KFC Streetwise 2 with chips OR 4.1 McDonald’s Big Macs OR 15.6 slices of margherita pizza (you can’t outrun a bad diet, folks!)

Litres of beer drunk: errr, somewhere around 40l

Tent poles broken: 2

Best scoring camping site shower: 8/10 Amanzi Game Lodge (Brandfort)

Best beer: Triggerfish Black Marlin Imperial Stout [Bianca’s choice. Colin still to be announced in his own blog post]

Illnesses contracted: 2 (Bianca, mumps, about two weeks; Colin, gastro, one day)

Bicycle mechanical issues: zero (excluding punctures)!

Hottest day: 21 March (Swellendam) 34-38 degrees Celcius

For those who want to dig into numbers a bit more, all the rides are logged on my Strava 

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