94.7×7 Update – Day 2

Hi All
Africa is the great equaliser. After many expeditions on the Qhub I have been brought back down to earth with a bump.
Day one from Groot Marico to Lichtenburg left me sick, battered and bruised. One of the few days when I wanted to throw my bike in the ditch after only 50km.

As it turned out I struggled on for another 38 km before getting to Lichtenburg on the worst dirt road in Africa. Full suspension guys would have battled..
My full support team ( Maggie ) was waiting in the shade of a Karee outside the Lichtenburg Old Age Home.
After hurling on to their pretty shubbery I lay on the pavement for half an hour. Finally got up and rolled the last couple of kays into the camp.
Day two was now an enforced rest day of catching up with fluids in the 38 degree heat.
Tomorrow will be an early start as they predict 39 degrees.
I have now NO PLAN, which is pretty much how Bianca and I do our little expeditions. No change from normal.
94.7 x 7 has been reduced to 94.7 x 6 at best.
Still lets get back on the bike and see what happens, can’t get worse!
Luv to all
And may the Qhubeka be with you.

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