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Heavy Metal Bikes is a father and daughter team: Colin and Bianca Cooper.

Colin is a retired engineer and founder of the Marico Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle manufacturing plant. He spends his free time cycling, brewing beer and inventing. He has dedicated the rest of his life to going back to basics. Bianca is Colin’s daughter. She is an emergency unit doctor and regional manager for ER Consulting Inc. When not working, she can be found riding her singlespeed bicycle or trying to ride her horse. She is not yet ready to part with her smartphone.

They have been supporting Qhubeka in numerous ways over the past few years; from buying and pimping their own Qhubeka bikes, to hosting fundraising events as well as helping Qhubeka construct the new bicycle assembly factory as part of the Madikwe Rural Development Programme (MRDP).

About the 9 Peaks Qhubeka Tour 2015:

In South Africa, an unofficial challenge exists for the shortest total time taken to climb the tallest peak in each province, including the time taken to reach each peak. There are nine provinces and therefore nine peaks, with a total distance of 3000 – 3500km in between, and a sum total hiking ascent just below that of Everest. To date, this has been done by travelling in between each climb by car. The aim of our trip is to be the first to achieve this without the use of motorised transport, travelling by means of Qhubeka Buffalo bicycle, primarily down dirt roads. We have a “back to basics” approach which entails the use of simple clothing, basic home-made food, fuelling on route with home-made hydration solution (sugar salt water), navigation by means of map, odometer and compass, and camping rather than staying in hotels/B&Bs (at campsites, schools and roadsides if necessary). The bicycles also reflect the “back to basics” approach – these are designed to last a lifetime and are locally assembled, fully rigid, singlespeed, steel frame bikes. These weigh about 24kg.

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